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Harness Master Wiring Systems (HMWS) was established in Australia in 2006 and expanded into North America in 2016 with the incorporation of HMWS Manufacturing Ltd.

HMWS Manufacturing Ltd. services the niche markets of electrical wiring harnesses, installation kits and custom fabrication for the mining, construction, automotive, and transport industries. HMWS Manufacturing Ltd. is a wholly owned Canadian company that has the distribution rights for HMWS Inc. throughout North America. These products, including a number of the company’s own designs complement our local manufacturing capability to ensure that we deliver high quality, cost effective solutions to our customers.







HMWS is a leading manufacturer and installer of electrical wire systems for a wide range of equipment.

At HMWS Manufacturing Ltd. we offer design, manufacturing and installation services for electrical wiring systems on all types of equipment. Our company has established itself as a solutions provider, in that we design products though customer engagement. 

Through our relationship with HMWS Inc. our Canadian company has been given the opportunity to grow into the exciting North American market, whilst leveraging off the many years of experience and industry knowledge within the Australian business.


Our devotion to research and development of new designs, as well as the application of innovative and emerging technologies, allow us to remain competitive while still creating trustworthy, durable and quality products for every customer.


With a state-of-the-art vertically integrated manufacturing capability HMWS offers greater internal controls for quality, cost efficiency and supply security.

At HMWS, our divisions are transforming into an integrated and collaborative ecosystem, promoting multi-skilling, inclusion, and diversity. We invest in initiatives like apprenticeships and mentoring programs to sustain our technical capability.

As our business grows rapidly, we’re expanding our manufacturing capabilities and capacity. Our highly skilled and diverse workforce supports our ever-growing solutions catalogue.

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